10:02 PM, Wednesday, October 26, 2011. I’m eating walnuts and quaffing porter all alone while editing photographs thinking about my future (I have a future!) glad for little things and big things like rowers on the river like cats dead and alive and coyotes god bless them and hawks every mile and geese flying north in autumn god bless them and water in creeks and rivers and lakes ponds and puddles and polaroid cameras and shoe polish.

All the good things.

Owls and their feathers. Small town hotels. Trees. Swinging bridges over calm creeks. Muddy roads, rocky mountains, silly putty…

I have some good friends here. Good people who are my friends. Friends are the ones that insinuate themselves into your life so easily it takes effort to stand back far enough to see them for what they are. A friend is one who won’t mind you’ve referred to them as a “what”. They know you’re flawed and don’t really care.

A friend is one who minds not you kiss his wife on the cheek bye-bye. That is so refreshing. Especially if your friend’s wife is so good looking.

Friends are those jerks who ignore you while they watch football or Dances with the Stars or Russian Top 40, and know you love them despite their flaws.

A friend is one who gives you shit one minute and laughs with you the next.

You gotta’ love ’em. What else can you do?

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