Feelin’ chuffed

If you’ve been reading the comments you’ll have noticed I finally found LA, or rather she found me. Yesterday we had lunch at the Park Café on 20th Street and spent the afternoon walking and talking. She’s just as delightful as ever she was; we had a great time, and we’ll do it again.

This morning I saw Bill Perehudoff’s retrospective at the Mendel, Saskatoon’s civic gallery, which I am proud to point out is open every day except Christmas day, from 9 am to 9 pm, and there is no admission charge.

Saskatoon has a strong history of modernism. I was brought up on it, not only as a kid interested in art but as a student in art at the University of Saskatchewan. It’s good to see walls covered in brilliant colour-field paintings; it puts a zing in my heart.

As always, if you have any hankering to say something, even if it’s just “hi”, leave a comment. Maybe we can have lunch at the Park Café; the reuben was really good – they make their own corned beef.

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  1. DD Poole

    Now we’re talking! In my opinion, the Mendel Art Gallery sets the standard for small, well run civic galleries. I have always wanted the gallery in Victoria to be like the Mendel, but as you know only too well, it does not add up in any way, and to add salt to the wound, it costs a bundle to get in. As you may know, if the subject ever came up in past conversation, this has been one of my biggest pet peeves and subjects for ranting for the 30 years I have lived here. Now I really am envious of your winter (and perhaps more?) in Saskatoon. I will just have to experience it vicariously. Thanks for your blog. DD

  2. Bob

    Hey DD. Give me ring will you? I’m back on the island but I’ve lost your email address. 🙂

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