I’ve moved into my new digs, but I don’t have a lot of furniture yet; a bed, a lamp… that’s about it. My body’s always looking for a place to sit down. Tomorrow Kelly’s bringing in some chairs and a desk.

I’m at the library (a block from my place) using their internet connection. My telephone and internet get hooked up next Tuesday. I got a pretty good deal with Shaw: $25 a month for both phone with voice mail and high-speed wifi, including the router. Not bad.

I realized today the work I’m doing is portraiture. I don’t mean this from an abstract point of view, although that might be interesting to pursue, but as a point of fact: I employ the same camera and people skills as a portraitist. The satisfying part is pursuing results based on specific criteria rather than second-guessing a client’s aesthetic wishes. A welcome relief, as any wedding photographer would tell you.

So things are going well.

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