I need a girlfriend

Foggy, frosty and -3C. Everyone’s in bed but me. It’s 11:15 AM and I guess that’s what you do when it’s a foggy, frosty -3C: pull the covers higher.

I was up at 6, as usual: tossed the ball with JJ; took some frost photos (I have to practice using a camera at sub-zero temps); set up my land line and internet connection (left it late and have to wait a little better than a week for installation); and called my building manager to see if the carpets were done yet, if the paint was dry, if I can move in!

No, no, and not yet. She’ll call when it’s ready.

Bonnie’s helping me move. I’m also allowing her to store some of her furniture at my place. Such a good brother. And such nice furniture! Really, it’s doing them a favour too: all of what I’m “storing” is right now in storage in their front sun-room. Once it’s cleared out there’ll be room to play billiards and shuffle board, and lounge in the sun.

I took the Mercedes in for inspection and an oil change to a shop run by an Englishman with a healthy respect for old, original German engineering. He’s given me a lead on heated storage in a quonset near here, at “a reasonable price”. I’m anxious to get her tucked away for the winter.


Time to date a human woman again, methinks.

Know any?

(Ed. – oh yeah, that’s gonna’ get you far)

This is a photo of Keremeos and the swollen Similkameen River last spring, a nice thought on a frosty foggy day.

Just 6 months to go!

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  1. Lynn Underwood

    From New York to LA?
    Robert Howell, I hear you’ve been trying to track me down. You have the right phone # but I’m not sure if I have your correct #. Tried to call you a few times. Out of service?
    My name changed from Ashenhurst to Underwood on March 21, 1989 and the rest, well, we’ll have to catch up!!
    Hope to hear from you.

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