The weather outside is frightnin’

It snowed today so I’m staying in the city at Keith & Olya’s tonight. I have no snow tires, it’s snowing & blowing and the roads are ice. The MB’s in the driveway, white as snow.

Work is interesting and fun. I’m an Optical Coherence Tomographer for your information.

I sealed the deal on my apartment, gave them the deposit today. Looking forward to moving in next week.

Just hangin’ with Keith and Liam watching 22 Minutes. Olya’s on a run to Calories for cheesecake: chocolate for Keith; oreo for me; none for Olya (too many french fries the other day) although she’s getting the exercise.

Keith, Liam, Olya.

The above was shot at Ness Creek last Saturday.

I’d show you pictures of the snow but I only have my film camera with me. Later ‘gator.

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